V-Bottom Box Dryers

The family of V-bottom box dryers, manufactured by Marriott Walker Corporation, are a rugged and vastly improved variation of the V-bottom box dryer, well known in the food processing industry. Our family of V-bottom dryers were developed in response to customers with modest processing needs and are offered in a variety of sizes, up to a maximum water evaporation rate of 1,500 lb/hr (680 kg/hr)

Our V-Bottom Box Dryers feature:

  • Integral reverse pulse baghouse
  • Sonic horn to minimize wall & ceiling accumulation
  • A Marriott Walker Uniform Velocity sprayhead with forced air cooling
  • Steep V-bottom design (40° included angle) minimizes product retention
  • Rugged, insulated, 2-ply construction
  • Low process room height requirements
  • Easy-to-service design
MSS Vbottom