Reverse Pulse Baghouse

If your new or existing spray drying system requires a reverse pulse baghouse to increase product recovery efficiencies or to satisfy increasingly stringent emissions regulations, you need to go no further than contacting Marriott Walker Corporation.

With reverse pulse cleaning technology, the filter bags are periodically cleaned by injecting a pulse of high pressure compressed air into the clean side of the bag cavity.

Marriott Walker reverse pulse baghouses are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations including rectangular and cylindrical configurations and can be designed with sanitary construction for full CIP cleaning.


  • Bag filter technology
  • Walk-in clean air plenum (clean exhaust side)
  • Proprietary dusty air distribution system
  • Particularly suited for drying systems designed to process a single product or a family of compatible products that do not require cleaning in between drying campaigns.
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with other powder separation equipment to maximize collection efficiency.



  • Sanitary construction for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries
  • Full CIP compatible
  • Fluidized discharge
  • Design provisions for NFPA and ATEX compliant explosion protection systems (chemical suppression, venting, etc.)


Whether your needs are as modest as a reverse pulse bin-vent, for powder handling, or a reverse pulse baghouse for your spray dryer's process air, contact the professionals at Marriott Walker Corporation for a thorough design and quotation

Baghouse underside
Lactalis Baghouse
Merit Baghouse_small