About Marriott Walker Corporation

A leader in the field, Marriott Walker Corporation has been designing and installing Spray Dryers, Evaporators, and related equipment for the food and dairy industries since 1958.  Our proud history of customer loyalty and satisfaction reflects the commitment of Marriott Walker to design and deliver quality products.  We will not only satisfy the processing needs of your company today, but will grow with the demands of tomorrow.

T.G.E & Marriott Walker Corp.

We are pleased to announce that on June 3, 2022 the T.G.E Group acquired Marriott Walker Corporation and will operate both T.G.E, a 25-year-old French firm, and Marriott Walker Corporation, a 64-year-old U.S. Company, as affiliated companies and integral parts of the T.G.E Group

T.G.E successes in Europe and Asia will compliment Marriott Walker's many years of business activity in the Unities States, Canada, and Mexico.

Food processors worldwide who utilize evaporators, crystallizers, and spray driers, can now rely on competent and enthusiastic engineering and design teams along with immediately available technical support wherever they may be located