Cyclone Dust Collectors

Our cyclone designs have been optimized for maximum collection efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of cleanability and adherence to hygienic standards.


Cyclone collectors are primarily used to separate dry particulate for an exhaust gas stream and to maximize product recovery.



  • Particularly suited for drying systems designed to process multiple incompatible products that require cleaning in between drying campaigns.
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with other powder separation equipment to minimize powder emissions (i.e. Reverse pule baghouses or particulate wet scrubbers)
  • Many different configurations are available – cyclones can be arranged in series for maximum efficiency or in parallel for increased capacity.
  • Passive design has no moving parts or utility requirements and very little or no maintenance.



  • Sanitary construction for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries
  • Tangential exhaust hood for increased efficiency
  • Full CIP compatible
  • Many design variations available based on varying levels of collection efficiency desired from ultra-high efficiency models to medium efficiencies for reduced energy consumption and reduced differential static pressure.
  • Design provisions for NFPA and ATEX compliant explosion protection systems
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Giv Cyclone_small