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Production Evaporators for Food & Dairy Products
The Marriott Walker Corporation proudly offers an entire range of custom designed evaporators for food and dairy products. Production evaporators, of either the TVR or MVR types, are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. In addition to the basic evaporator, Marriott Walker Corporation can also provide HTST pasteurizers, heat treatment holding tubes and hotwells, as well as post-evaporation flash coolers.

Vacuum Pans
Prior to the development of multiple-effect, continuously operating evaporators, the standard evaporating procedure was to use a "batch operated" evaporator called a vacuum pan, in which the product to be condensed is "cooked-down" under vacuum, within one vessel. Vacuum pans are still used in a variety of special applications and they can have internal heating coils, or the product heating can be accomplished in a jacketed vacuum vessel. The external shell must be provided with a separate condenser and vacuum pump, to permit the unit to operate at the desired temperature.
For viscous products, batch-type vacuum pans can be provided with swept-surface agitators. Vacuum pans are often the evaporating technique of choice for jams, jellies and some other specialty products.

Pilot Plant Units
The Marriott Walker Corporation has provided numerous pilot plant evaporators for commercial R&D facilities as well as university teaching facilities. Our pilot plant evaporators are always custom designed to suit a processor's specific needs.
The simplest pilot plant configuration is that of a rising film "batch type" evaporator, in which the evaporator is filled and the product is recirculated under vacuum until the desired finished solids level is accomplished. The vacuum is then broken and the product is discharged from the evaporator.
The more complex variation is a continuously operating, falling-film, evaporator, which permits a more realistic "scale-up" from pilot plant to production facilities. If provided with robust vacuum producing equipment and an adequate condenser and cooling water supply, pilot plant evaporators can be designed to operate at temperatures as low as 80° F.
If your facility would benefit from the flexibility offered by having an "in-house" pilot plant evaporator, please contact the professionals at Marriott Walker Corporation.